Try These Crazy Easy Monitoring Tricks That Pro Endurance Coaches Use Every Day – With Dr Peter Leo

Written by Paul Laursen

October 10, 2023

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Show Notes

      1. We often don’t know what is happening in the field – we NEED to be way more aware of that when researching, designing and programming training. Yes, we have plenty of tools to measure rather simple outputs in tests and so on, but the true “magic” information would be to get streamlined analysis from the field every day.
      2. Sometimes it is just best NOT to worry about any of the training data, prescription, analytics or monitoring. For example, you can almost always rely on exertion or effort-based scaling for HIIT, as it is auto-regulated on the day by the brain of each individual.
      3. Your low intensity steady state cardio, or zone 2 training, is likely NOT DONE precisely ENOUGH! ALways monitor HR (and power if you can!), then look for less than 5% drift between 1st and 2nd half of the session in HR and power.

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