HIIT Science Scholarship Program

Available to university or college students working towards a career in high performace sport.

We Want You To Succeed

Looking To Work In High Performace Sport?

The HIIT Science University/College scholarship is awarded to university or college students to support their career aims of working in high performance sport.

The scholarship provides access to one of our HIIT Science courses for 6 months at no cost. After this 6-month period, should students want continued access, this can be provided at a 75% discount.

Scholarship winners additionally are awarded a HIIT Science t-shirt and are obliged to promote the HIIT Science course using their social media account(s) at least three times throughout the 6 month scholarship period. Three HIIT Science scholarship recipients will be selected per semester to receive a Science plus Single Sport course.

Eligibility Requirements:


18 years or older


Enrolled in college or university


Proof of residency


Proof of enrollment


250-word essay describing your personal story and why you feel the scholarship will benefit you

Application Dates & Awards

1st Quarter (Jan-Mar)

Application period: Jan 1st – Feb 1st
Scholarships announced: First week of March

2nd Quarter (Apr-Jul)

Application period: Apr 1st – May 1st
Scholarships announced: First week of July

3rd Quarter (Jul-Sept)

Application period: Jul 1st – Aug 1st
Scholarships announced: First week of Sept

4th Quarter (Oct-Dec)

Application period: Oct 1st – Nov 1st
Scholarships announced: First week of Dec

Application Form

Apply for the HIIT Science Scholarship using the application form below.
Once the form is sent you will receive an email with futher instructions.

I am 18 years old or older

I agree to provide the following upon request:


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Please check your email inbox and confirm your participation.