Understand, Change and Help People With Their Behaviors, either via Tech or Teaching/Coaching – With David Dunne

Written by Paul Laursen

January 13, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. You don’t just “need to consider” using more tech; you MUST use it where it allows you to free up time that allows you to build a relationship with the athletes and people you are working with. The more passive these tools are, and the more insights they can automatically provide you, the better. 
  2. Information and knowledge is critical – yet, when you acquire those in only an isolated front-end delivery education system while missing out on chances to apply and practice that information in the field, you will run into A LOT of issues when dealing with humans in the real world.
  3. Extension: which does NOT mean that there are no studies that are performed with focus on real world application, nor that we should ONLY pay attention to those exclusively and not believe anything from randomized clinical trials or other highly controlled or detailed studies. It is all about balance. 
  4. Think about the bigger picture more often: don’t just use what is the most convenient RIGHT NOW, but consider what you can learn if you try new things that might grow into becoming the new “standard” (for training methods, exercises, as well as for tech etc.)

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