When in Doubt: Combination of Fundamental & Creative Sport Science Will Be More Than Enough – With Facundo Ahumada

Written by Paul Laursen

January 20, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. If you are a professional exercise and sport scientist, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach or similar in a country with economic, social and/or other trouble, try to consider gathering experience + knowledge outside of your country, come back, and build up your own community – it ain’t easy, but really, what is?
  2. You are probably not thinking enough outside the box: eMTBs for regular athletes to reduce cardio-vascular load and focus on technical training; regular road bike sessions; as well as a massive implementation of strength training. Go and try stuff!
  3. Endurance training has a bazillion tests and methods that have been developed and applied over the last 2 decades – it does NOT mean that you cannot play around, be a bit of a scientist and try out new things OR invent them 😉

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