Young Football Guns Need Flexible & Understanding Support Staff – With Dr Karim Hader

Written by Paul Laursen

December 30, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. The life of a practitioner across research institutions, academy and full first team football will require a multitude of planning, collaboration and communication – the MORE you can outsource into PASSIVE data collection and reporting that everyone can access any time, the better.
  2. Academy and developmental players of any age will require a multitude of exposures – various teams, various strategies, various types of training for physical fitness and tactics. You never know where they might end up if they make it to the professional level. 
  3. It is not as simple as just taking your best players from each age group and continuing to push them through the ranks and various developmental teams. You are likely to be damaging the players’ strategic and tactical skills if they progress too fast – remember that the earlier you specialize the less likely you are to get long-term results!

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