Sometimes, When Training for Ultra Marathons, I Do Not Eat at All – With Kilian Jornet

Written by Paul Laursen

August 9, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Despite the fact that you can COLLECT almost every single aspect of your physiology (even in the field!), it is essential that we don’t overdo that. Use the tools to learn. Then remove some of the noise, and try to check in with your own body.

  2. Over LONG distances (20+ hours) HR, ventilation, and metabolism DO NOT align as classical PHYSIOLOGY will tell you. We need to LEARN more, so make sure to utilize modern measurement methods if you can to get INSIGHT into your own RESPONSES & PERFORMANCE!

  3. You need to ENJOY training and set PROGRESS goals rather than any WINS, competition, or outcome goals. If you don’t, you will eventually run into A LOT OF trouble.

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