ROWING on the Ocean for 45 Days With 0 Carbs?! – With Sami Inkinen

Written by Paul Laursen

August 23, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. You do not need MASSIVE amounts of training to get good at endurance. Be consistent for VERY LONG periods of time, use a VARIETY of interval sessions & give yourself PLENTY OF REGULAR time to recover.
  2. Training does not need to DESTROY you. As a matter of fact, plenty of research highlights how “negative” after effects like DOMS are not essential for adaptations. Do a little bit “less” intensity today, but REPEAT it CONSISTENTLY more often every week.
  3. Although we go about this quite often, let’s drive it further: carbohydrates are likely overrated. NO, they are NOT EVIL. But you can decrease your dependence on this short-term fuel, and gain benefits from more fat-based metabolism.

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