Rehab Like a Pro While Working With Everyone in Your Team – With Alain Sola

Written by Paul Laursen

February 16, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Always work with all the data you can find, but make sure not to OVERDO it. It is essential that you have ENOUGH data to work with your athlete, so that YOU KNOW what they are saying is true, or you can fall back on it to show your players something that you want to emphasize!
  2. Adapt your injured players SPECIFICALLY to their positions. The differences are somewhat diminishing (especially for running duration and distances), but they still EXIST!
  3. The specific DEMANDS and PROFILES for positions are CHANGING. They players want to know how they performed – at least if your coach and whole team puts VALUE on it!
  4. EVERYONE on the team is a “mental” coach – look after your player by getting to know them. This is particularly important when working with injured players.

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