Everyone Can Use Some Sort of Eccentric Training – With Prof. John Cronin

Written by Paul Laursen

February 1, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. You don’t NEED to focus only on HEALTH research – there is always space to make high-end and applicable research projects work. Your VC and/or dean of research might need to get on board with your vision, but don’t just “follow the trends” of medical and health research.
  2. ALL sports, activities and populations can benefit from eccentric training. Although supra-maximal eccentric training is out there in everyone’s eyesight, only a few know how to properly design, program and progress people around it. No worries though: you can use submaximal or low intensity eccentric training too! AND there is more than one piece of equipment that you can use for it ;).
  3. Wearable resistance training can add a lot of value to your existing physical training or sports training – it is a convenient way to develop a lot of physical capacities without a lot of equipment and/or complex training methods needed.
  4. If you are more in the GENERAL and/or allied HEALTH field (e.g. physio-/physical therapist, rehab, clinics or oriented gym) you should be looking into more quantitative methods of establishing what REALLY is happening with the people you are looking after – instead of just “eyeballing” it.

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