Fiber Types Ain’t Just for Geeks & Nerds -> Use It Right Now to Optimize Your Athletes Everything – With Dr Phil Bellinger

Written by Paul Laursen

February 16, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. There is likely to be slow, intermediate and fast typology athletes in the larger group of people you are looking after. Thus, you have at least 3 DIFFERENT CLUSTERS of athletes that you need to consider across your group or squad.
  2. Type 2 fibers have quite a lot of flexibility – they aren’t just FAST FAST FAST. They can adapt quite a bit to more “aerobic” stimuli, and have various means of improving their aerobic or fatigue-resistant qualities.
  3. Performance between “slow” and “fast” athletes does not really differ if you look at total work (at least on a bike) when they do sprint repeats (fast -> greater fatigue index & higher power output). What does matter is that they recover from them very differently. In the study we discussed, slow typology athletes recovered fast after only 20 min, while fast typology athletes needed more than 5 hours!
  4. Despite the fact that this fiber typology method is used only in elite level athletes, you might soon be able to use this at the more commercial level in the future. Interested already, and can’t wait? Reach out to Phil!

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