No Day Like the Other Means You Need to Be as Flexible as Possible – With Dr Malte Krüger

Written by Paul Laursen

January 25, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. When staff (especially coaches) change, use it as a period to slowly try new things, or reintroduce methods that previously have been a pain to integrate. Players might even be MORE motivated to show off for the new coach.
  2. Utilize whatever tools you have for players individually WHEN you still have them at training – this may be directly before or after their main sessions. They are unlikely to come back for a second stint!
  3. Make sure to keep performance monitoring during training and matches going with a reliable and established system for as long as you can. Not only does it make it easier from a logistics and technical point of view, but you are also creating BENCHMARKS for players over time – which is the most VALUABLE aspect of all these tests.

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