20+ Years of Football: Applying the Intricate Science to Human Players – with Dr Miguel Angel Campos

Written by Paul Laursen

February 16, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Adapting yourself to a new club or team requires you to try to understand the PHILOSOPHY and METHODOLOGY of the coach – and then SUPPORT it as much as possible. Trying to change that, you will likely have a not so great relationship.
  2. Then build some TRUST. So basically try to get to know the people you are working with now. THEN you can go and see what WORKS WELL, and what not so much, so that you can adjust now to everything you know about the method and the process at this team.
  3. It is so HARD to have a DISCUSSION just for the SAKE of having a conversation, and potentially looking on how you can improve as a team. Try to make it very clear that there is no “loaded gun” at all in these situations, and that you are genuinely looking for HORIZONTAL PROGRESSION and NOT so much change.
  4. Sharing is a true sign of PROFESSIONALISM – don’t think that your sessions are so special that you cannot share them in any way. Whether it is a training software for the club, or handing over athletes data when they move on, or want to get their own personal coach/trainer.

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