Strength & Endurance: Impossible to Train Together?! Are All the Hybrid YouTube Athletes Wrong?! – With Dr Jackson Fyfe

Written by Paul Laursen

February 28, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. When unsure, try to prioritize the key session (most often the strength training) for your athlete to lower the effect of the potential “interference” effect.
  2. Neuromuscular fatigue and load is somewhat the core factor when it comes to the potential of any interference effect. The basic theory goes that there is a minimal neuromuscular load because of a cardio session, which in turn decreases the quality of your resistance training sessions.
  3. Vice versa, remember specificity: if you are an endurance athlete, then it is likely that the strength training that you don’t care too much about (for better or worse :P), might directly impact the quality of your core endurance sessions.
  4. If you combine a high intensity session of either strength or metabolic conditioning in isolation, you may gain for the rest of the day a sort of neural “priming” effect. This may be limited to better trained athletes, and less fit athletes may have detrimental effects from this.

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