Tennis AND Football Are More SIMILAR Than Different -> You Need To BE CONSISTENT Every Single Week To Build Robustness- with Dr Yann Le Meur

Written by Paul Laursen

November 9, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Taking a scientific approach does NOT STOP once you are on the field – rather the opposite, as it should be the BASIS for what you do every time you are having a specific training goal in mind.
  2. Tennis players would benefit A LOT from figuring out what their current weekly load is, as well as what their specific MATCH LOAD is, especially relative to the strength and level of their regular opponents.
  3. Recovery is as much about all the stuff you do OUTSIDE of training as the TRAINING ITSELF! Don’t forget to REGULATE that specific load, especially in sports where you are competing regularly (e.g. several times per week).
  4. For a lot of sports out there you will see that we are STILL mainly having to FOCUS ON BASICS and FUNDAMENTALS, rather than obsessing with all the high-end aspects of exercise and sports science.

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