Why High Performance Environments May Be Destroying Coaches and Trainers – With Richard Husseiny

Written by Paul Laursen

October 6, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. As coaches, scientists and trainers we can get ANXIOUS and DEPRESSED quite often. A lot of this may come down to the extreme ISOLATION that you can expose yourself (almost willingly!) working in “high performance” – pay attention to this during your own day!

  2. It is important to consider your SPEECH as a coach or trainer. You might be always just running on autopilot and not even paying attention to the words that you chose to use when communicating with your athletes. WORDS matter though, so try to be more conscious about this – we heard that meditation, journaling & similar helps ;).

  3. DO NOT define yourself by the role you have been given, or your professional education and work experience. You are more (and sometimes less) as a human. Consider what else there is for you in life other than just coaching, servicing or reaching the next main event.

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