Why Are the Norwegians Dominating Triathlon? Asking Questions & Systematically Looking For Answers with Olav Aleksander Bu

Written by Paul Laursen

June 3, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Athletes are humans and the human aspect needs to always be considered, especially when you are thinking about “coaching”.
  2. The physiological, metabolic and biochemical profiles of triathletes can vary a lot, but they are also adaptable over time. You need to consider several layers of physiology before making conclusions, and then, training applications on such profiles.
  3. Many different fueling strategies exist for long endurance events like triathlons – yet, ALL of them are trying to maximize the efficiency of your carbohydrate delivery, as well as absorption.
  4. To help athletes approach their sport with curiosity, you need to develop a culture of working with them towards positive feedback on these mini n=1 experiments – but find something that gives you “bigger” gains first!

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