Training Models, Intensities & Their Distributions; Do They Even Matter?! – With Prof Billy Sperlich and Paul Laursen

Written by Paul Laursen

November 18, 2023

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Show Notes

    1. Although HIIT and various ZONES are still super HYPE everywhere, you have to remember: you can get very far by just doing lots of basic and “low” intensity training – you might be though limited by your activity and biomechanics to how much you can do at any given time. 

    2. What athletes BELIEF and FEEL is as important as following some “made up” zone theory. If you have something that is mostly relevant to YOUR training history, you will likely feel GREAT to keep doing this – whether this is the right or wrong approach for your training session, can only be gauged in the long-term. 

    3. Finding the right training is not necessarily important – whether you are WORRIED about not thinking about strength training, HIIT, or something else. You need to consider that athletes maybe spend 20% of their awake time training, so make sure to deal with the other 80% of their time!

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