The UNDERRATED Aspect of Training Groups: ENERGY! With Jonathan Parouty & Martin Buchheit

Written by Martin Buchheit

October 25, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Do not be afraid of ASKING for help. Jonathan simply ASKED many of the coaches for help and showed his passion and interest. We can learn so much from each other; be kind and have courage!

  2. People and team ENERGY during training is likely more important than your programme itself. Whether you are working through TEAM, INDIVIDUAL or other types of energy – there are lots of ways to CREATE and MANAGE each other’s energies.

  3. Your athletes’ BELIEF could be the most important thing in the world for their training. Yes, adjustments are generally, and usually, good – but sometimes try telling your athlete “No, although you are tired, I think you can still do it.”. This could simply change their own mental attitude and unlock new abilities.

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