Specific Training for Women Is a Must Nowadays: How Can We Optimize It?! – With Lauren Colenso-Semple

Written by Paul Laursen

May 1, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. You CANNOT just assume that every woman has a 28 day cycle and pretend like you are doing “PHASE based training” just this easily. If you want to do it properly, do it properly: get blood or urine testing done, because individual variation is massive. (check out our ATHLETICA WOMEN’S TRAINING STUDY!).

  2. The body of literature on women’s physiology, performance and variations in menstrual cycle is SO SMALL and insignificant at this point that it simply is not enough to indicate any differences in performance between various phases of the cycle. 

  3. The simplest is sometimes the best: teach and design self-instructed options for your female athletes that they can fall back onto depending on the various symptoms they may encounter during their menstrual cycle (it can happen MORE than just ONCE per month!).

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