You Can Be Fast & Fit at Any Age & for Any Performance, Just Make Sure You Have Patience – With Bas Van Hooren

Written by Paul Laursen

May 1, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. World record holding age group runners were observed to barely miss any training sessions, and one of them did not even train with a “smart” device – how about that hey?

  2. An overly heavy focus on high intensity and high volume training in your years pre 50 might give you issues that will make it impossible for you to sustain adequate training stimulus when you are older. Thus, be patient and keep your training CONSISTENT and progressive over YEARS AND YEARS!

  3. If you like training indoors, especially running, and you are always wondering about your treadmill settings, just forget about the whole 1% incline thing – it is not worth it, and might even be better biomechanically if you keep it 0. 

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