The Next Big Thing in TRAINING MONITORING? – with Prof Stephen Seiler

Written by Paul Laursen

July 28, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Training your mental toughness might have to be much MORE SPECIFIC than you think. Consider looking into a variety of methods of how to develop mental toughness, rather than just throwing random hard sessions at your athlete.
  2. Load, stress and strain all very different – and we are FAR AWAY from truly understanding it or being able to monitor all 3.
  3. Currently: load -> is what you are physically doing with your body (aka the amount of WORK done); stress is acutely WHILE you are doing the work how your physiology is responding to it; strain is the long-term “deformation” of all your physiology as a chronic after-effect of the load
  4. Breathing and ventilation matters. Whether we are talking about various breathing techniques, breathing training or breathing regulation. It is imprudent to think that one of the quintessential organs that delivers the most important molecule for our body (O2) has no trainability.

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