Strength or Not to Strength? Load or Not to Load? Monitor or Not to Monitor? A Worldwide Football Master Class – With Dr Darran Burgess

Written by Martin Buchheit

July 6, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Always collect data internally as much as you can – you never know when you need it for your organization, club or sport. You simply don’t know when you might have “value” to contribute with that data. 

  2. You don’t necessarily NEED to be an amazing runner, sprinter or even athlete to be good at your sport (yes, we do repeat that a lot!). Especially for various “football” games, there is an amazing variety of speed and strength manifestation with or without specific speed and strength training. 

  3. Sometimes you think you need a perfect training periodization and schedule, but the players might need a different preparation for their big games – even if it goes against all logic and science. Some of them might have been doing this for years or decades, so remember to consider this!

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