Physiology PROFESSOR Discovers That BREATHING Matters For Exercise & Sports – with Steve Neal

Written by Paul Laursen

December 2, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Yes, you are likely to have LIMITATIONS in your breathing system. 
  2. Yes, you can TRAIN that like every other tissue and system in your body. No, there is no one-way super easy workout routine you can do for it, as it is still a rather untouched topic (outside of individuals with issues like asthma, COPD etc.).
  3. Yes, there are parameters like tidal volume, breathing frequency and several more to nerd out over and adjust depending on what your own “breathing capacity” status is. 
  4. Always make sure to adjust your training programs (not just the breathing one’s!) to the individual, even if you are following strict guidelines, scientific protocols and similar.
  5. (FTP probably ain’t that good for anything)

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