Build ROUTINES for a WINNING Mindset as a Coach & Athlete – with Allistair McCaw

Written by Paul Laursen

November 23, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. You need to look after YOURSELF first and actually adhere to all those HEALTH, FITNESS and SCIENCE principles before looking after anyone else. That does not only make you a better leader, but also simply a balanced and authentic human being.
  2. Speaking of AUTHENTICITY – it is TOUGH to listen to a coach or trainer of any sort if they are e.g. slightly overweight and not that fit themselves, or a psychologist if they keep losing control of their emotions all the time. The more you adhere to your OWN PRINCIPLES, the more TRUST you will gain from your athletes. 
  3. There is literally ZERO reason for anyone to trust you if you just get to know them. Neither a love interest, a potential business partner, nor any player or team that you just get to see for 2 days. REMEMBER that at all times when coaching, mentoring or training people!

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