EXPERIMENT, Risk and PLAY Are Essential Elements to Cutting-Edge Practice – with Dr Javier Arnaiz

Written by Paul Laursen

November 21, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Many areas in Mexico are at elevation, and in fact can have cold temperatures – just a reminder to always think about the environment that you are training and competing in. They might sometimes not be as obvious as you think they should be!
  2. No single training method or philosophy, nor scientific finding lasts forever. Be resourceful and always flexible to find out what is up to date and what is not anymore – we try our best at HIIT to keep you up to date (or ahead of date)!
  3. The temperature that you used to train in, in comparison to how your body reacts to that load in that temperature, as well as which body part of your body specifically reacts, can vary a lot from person to person. This will directly impact perceived sensations of recovery and/or even the recovery methods you might want to use (e.g. cold water immersion!)

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