Even a CHAOTIC Sport Can Figure Out Their TRAINING SCIENCE, so You CAN TOO – with Dr Duncan French

Written by Paul Laursen

September 28, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Combat sports are chaotic – thus you need a wide variety of “base” skills and fitness, but with a “super” athlete power of your own that you can sharpen, focus and improve continuously.
  2. We need more health, wellbeing and performance practitioners to work together with a willingness to show curiosity and experimentation around new ideas. You need to nurture an environment of continuous collaboration while allowing lots of space for challenging each other.
  3. Breath training, neurological/brain training, and water-based activities can all be valid pieces of training the training plan puzzle for MMA – maybe other sports should be “branching” out more in their training methods to build more “complete” athletes 😉
  4. Don’t worry too much about the brains of the MMA athletes – yes, obviously there is a danger. But Duncan and his team are literally doing every single thing there is to protect that major asset!

Duncan and Lorena’s NSCA Essentials of Sport Science can be viewed HERE.

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