You CAN’T Have Your FTP, CP or Aerobic Power & SPRINT with it too – with Dr Dajo Sanders

Written by Paul Laursen

September 23, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. You need to know more than just physiology, even in a “physiology heavy” sport like cycling. Becoming well rounded in applied sport science is the first step to becoming a better coach and practitioner overall.
  2. As so often is said by others on the podcast: Athletes care mostly that you show them how much you care about them. Empathetic coaching 101!
  3. Basing your aerobic training on FTP or CP is fine, but then going down the route of using it for 5 min intervals, 1 min intervals or even any sprint intervals makes little practical and scientific sense. Use as specific tests as possible – knowing the ANAEROBIC SPEED/POWER reserve can help with that too!
  4. VLmax is a nice model used in practice when determined in a highly controlled and regulated setting with PHYSIOLOGICAL markers. Assuming you can assess a highly complex glycolytic capacity with some equations and a power meter is rather dubious.

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