HIITing the lip in professional surfing

HIITing the lip in professional surfing

When I started working in competitive surfing in the capacity of sport scientist/S&C coach, curiosity was a helpful emotion to bring to work each day. There were a few resources offering opinions on training for surfing; some studies of injury incidence, severity, and location, and roughly 4 or 5 great studies that examined the activities involved in surfing (time motion analysis of recreational surfing and competitive heats). These resources, along with my personal experience as a surfer, was a great place to start. It was such a fun opportunity to jump into a sport that I loved (I began surfing in 1994) and begin to grow my practise in the area, in what you might call a relatively clean slate. And with that context, I rolled up my sleeves and tried to take the following philosophy to work every day: “curiosity and an open mind are wonderful allies”.


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