Øyvind Sandbakk on How Athletes Can Make a GOOD Coach GREAT

Written by Paul Laursen

February 7, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Learn to ask QUESTIONS to improve your training, your coach-athlete relationship, and everything else around your sport.
  2. Coaches need to make an EFFORT to understand their support, science and other staff – otherwise the result will be a lack of respect.
  3. Lead by example – as an exercise and sports professional you should be able to go out there with your athletes and at least be able to somewhat keep up.
  4. Athletes are HUMANS. It is critical to remember this and adequately design a programme that is holistic and focuses on their wellbeing. Try to have at least somewhat of a FRIENDSHIP with your athlete, caring for them, and putting all aspects of wellbeing first: emotional, mental, social, spiritual and physical.
  5. Athletes themselves can MAKE coaches become THEIR best selves. It is a skill that needs to be trained as much as every other, and it includes mainly communication about YOURSELF. Be honest. Be vulnerable.

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