Anaerobic, Metabolic, Mechanical or What?! How Maximal Repetitive Speeds are NOT What You Think They Are – with Prof Peter Weyand

Written by Paul Laursen

October 12, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. All animals (including us pesky humans) fall into the output-duration fall-off: we all get slower over longer distance/longer periods of time.
  2. Working in science can work exceptionally well if you give a lot of freedom to your scientists – they will truly dig deep into their interests to answer questions that no one else wants to answer themselves.
  3. It is crystal clear that you are mainly MECHANICALLY and/or NEURALLY limited for maximal efforts (<50s) – currently, everything else is more or less an error in judgment of metabolic factors we cannot measure.
  4. Power meters in running are “ not nonsense, but close”.

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