The Self Managing Athlete: How to Build Autonomy for Better Health and Performance – with Andrew Wiseman

Written by Paul Laursen

October 12, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Football is mainly about kicking balls and goals, but it is still a physical activity that is becoming more and more athletic. Especially female football players are extremely keen on strength and conditioning – PLUS it is an amazing group bonding activity (consider implementing upper body only sessions)!
  2. Athletes want to be looked after, they want information to make decisions themselves, but it is crucial to our decision making processes to give them only what they really need and what works. Do NOT overload them with various details – try working on decision making trees and let them make the choices!
  3. Look after your athletes like they are humans first! The mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of their life have a massive impact on their health and performance!

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