Train What You NEED for Your Sport and Not Just for the Gainz – With Matt Nichol

Train What You NEED for Your Sport and Not Just for the Gainz - With Matt Nichol

Written by Paul Laursen

March 21, 2023

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Show Notes

  1. Remember what the main point of the strength and conditioning practitioner is in your sport (it is ALWAYS a supplement – but what for exactly!): you don’t need to focus a lot on classical hypertrophy, random mash-ups of different strength modalities, or even hyper specific power training (aka. too much Olympic weightlifting focus). Learn, and adapt to what your athlete and sport needs.
  2. When working with your athletes, try to find out FIRST what is ALREADY working for them. Pick them up where they are at – and THEN go forward with figuring out what they want to achieve in the long-term, and help them.
  3. If you have athletes with HIGH SKILL and LOW PHYSICAL abilities, don’t overthink and over do it! Simply teaching the idea of basic value (and minimal time investment!) of strength & conditioning could lead to massive improvements in such individuals.

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