FOOD is More Complex Than You Think — and so is its IMPACT with Hélène Defrance

Written by Paul Laursen

June 28, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. Always try to SHOW how much you care about your athletes: whether it is “how” the food is presented, when to give the athletes some slack with (high-quality) pizzas and burgers, or simply when to help them with what food they should eat, when and how.
  2. There is A LOT to think about in terms of nutrition – try to pick up your athletes where THEY ARE AT and what might be best at that moment to help them right there and then.
  3. Although a lot can be done in terms of “applying” nutritional science with fancy new products, we always have to remember the individual differences between athletes (especially at the very high level!).
  4. You should not be the ONLY person that has to deal with the “everyday” food business of the athletes – it is important that sometimes you have space to “think slow” and do the stuff that requires long-term planning rather than preparing shakes.

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