You NEED To Know This About HIIT

Written by Paul Laursen

January 28, 2022

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Show Notes

  1. The TARGET of a training session comes first, before you select an interval training TYPE. Then, simply choose a format and fine tune your session using up to 12 training variables.

  2. Independent of which TYPE you chose (excluding type 6 – sprint/speed training), ALL types and FORMATS will impact a part of the aerobic system.
  3. Be careful with type 4 (“atomic bombs”/mass destruction weapon) – JUST because a sessions is hard on all three systems, does not mean that it is good/adequate to the CONTEXT.
  4. We want to specifically adjust sessions for specific targets (be like a stealthy “Navy Seal Operative”) instead of just wildly throwing out weapons of mass destruction (hard sessions that stimulate ALL 3 major systems – aerobic, anaerobic and neuromuscular).

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