Steve Tashjian on Challenging Group Thinking

Written by Paul Laursen

March 21, 2022

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Show Notes

1. Start with the WHY for your whole team, group or organization. THEN build a programme that follows your values, beliefs and goals. 2. Do NOT just “use” sports science. Make it the MINIMUM to use sports science as much as possible. THEN move onto doing small experiments yourself. 3. AVOID drifting into “groupthink”, trends and the hype bus. Look for every little opportunity to try something new. Do your best and see what happens 4. Get paid. No, seriously, if you are a highly experienced AND qualified exercise professional, make yourself useful first, but stop UNDERSELLING yourself. 5. Carbohydrates (and lack thereof) are likely not the only macronutrient you should be considering the manipulation of around your sport. YES, that’s even in sports that heavily lean into the repeated sprints direction.

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