A call for triathlon beta testers (round three)

Written by Paul Laursen

September 19, 2020

As many know, we’ve been working hard on a technology that harnesses the principles we profess within HIIT Science. This has proved no easy task. We are grateful for the tireless work ethic from our lead developer, as well as our brilliant back end data scientists that are implementing new intelligence into the system that extends on the HIIT Science principles.  We knew that we would be getting close to having something worthy of a useful product once our system could automatically deliver a basic training plan for an event, and that it did so in a way that was as good or better than what we could deliver ourselves via existing online coaching platforms (Stage 3 in Figure 1 from Zignoli). While we’ve only passed through mile 1 of this marathon, we may be nearing a tipping point for the triathlon context.

Figure 1. Different levels of automation for a machine coach, with referenced comparison to levels used in the automotive industry. Ref: Zignoli.

  To help push us along further, we are in search of more help from interested triathletes looking for a free training program in return for feedback. To participate, you must:
  1. Be a triathlete currently training more than 8 hours per week in swim, bike and run training, and able to follow a plan to perform in a real event.
  2. Own an advanced Garmin watch connected to Garmin Connect, with working power meter and heart rate monitor.
  3. Be able to routinely connect with us to provide kind but frank and helpful feedback to make the product better.
At time of writing (late September), its likely you’ll be located in the Southern Hemisphere, in a relatively Covid-free area (low restriction on training), and preparing for a summer event. However we are open to any triathlete preparing anywhere for a single or multiple events over the next 6 months. Interested participants (limited to 10), please contact: info@hiitscience.com

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Have you ever thought about what tools are best for telling us when to apply HIIT the next time? How do we know when we will handle it again without driving our athlete into overtraining or injury risk? If you’ve read our ​book​ or taken our ​course​, you’ll know about how important this variable will be when we look to design the ideal program. Both heart rate variability and subjective comments were key factors we discussed. But is one better than the other?
Maybe. We’ve stumbled upon an incredible study that might just help clear our thoughts on the matter in terms of athlete readiness and when to apply HIIT again in the future to maximize performance potential. The blog post written by ​Diego Hilgemberg Figueiredo​ compares training plans guided by either HRV or subjective inner feelings. The findings may surprise you. Check out a sneak peak in the graphic below as to why heart rate and HRV can’t always bring us certainty around readiness to perform. They’re good, and helpful, but you must know your context! Combine it with feel to get the most power in your programming.


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