The Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training Course

Understanding High-Intensity Interval Training

1 - History & Evolution of HIIT

3 - Physiological Targets of HIIT

5 - Using HIIT Weapons

7 - HIIT and Health

9 - Surveillance II: Load Response

2 - Traditional HIIT Methods

4 - Manipulating HIIT Variables

6 - HIIT & Concurrent Training

8 - Surveillance I: Training Load

10 - Putting It Together: Application

Supplemental Course Modules
Sport-Specific Application of High-Intensity Interval Training

American Football

Combat Sports

Field Hockey

Road Running

Soccer (Football)

Australian Football






Cross-Country Skiing

Ice Hockey

Rugby 7




Middle Distance

Rugby Union


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