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Created by 20+ sports scientists, coaches, professors and researchers, the Science and Application of HIIT Course has the practical knowledge you need to understand the science behind HIIT, implement an arsenal of training weapons, and ultimately improve athlete performance and stand out in the field.

High Intensity Interval Training is revolutionizing training and performance optimization but…

It can be a challenge to implement the right form of HIIT training to deliver the results you’re after…

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Traditional university courses often don’t include the latest research or knowledge from experts actively using HIIT with elite athletes.
  • I don’t have time to read every new study and translate it into something I can actually apply to my training protocols.
  • I’ve seen good theoretical information on HIIT, but most of it isn’t very practical, comprehensive, nor related to my sport.
  • I can learn practical techniques on the job, but who knows if what I’m learning is the best way to train.
  • When I do find practical information, it’s in bits and pieces; I’m unsure of the best way to incorporate it into a broader training program specific to my athletes and sport.
  • Ongoing education typically requires a major time and money commitment – I’m already busy and am conscious of my return-on-spending on more theoretical knowledge.
  • It’s hard to get a great sports science or strength and conditioning coaching job – there are a lot of great coaches and trainers out there, but only a handful of teams and athletes.
  • I struggle to confidently explain and justify why I train athletes the way I do. I trust that HIIT training works, but I’m not quite sure why.
  • I often feel inadequate when I see the success of other coaches and trainers. How are they getting such great results?
  • I feel disappointed in my ability to make measurable, meaningful performance gains for my athletes.
Until now, figuring out how to effectively implement HIIT has meant spending tons of time pulling what pieces you can from university courses, research abstracts, conferences, a few Youtube videos and years of professional experience…

HIIT Science combines the latest research and decades of elite-level experience in one comprehensive, self-paced, cost-effective course.

Created by over 20+ experts with decades of combined experience at the top tiers of their sports, you’ll find everything you need to understand why HIIT works and how to apply it to your specific athletes and sport.

Practical Tools and Information for Applying HIIT

Scientific theory is an important foundation for understanding and using HIIT – but it’s just the beginning.

HIIT Course teaches you this essential theoretical framework behind the why and how of HIIT training, then layers in practical knowledge to help you develop programs that work for your specific athletes, team, and sport.

After completing the course, you’re ready to make a measurable, meaningful, sustainable impact on athlete performance – the kind of results that set you apart.

Exclusive Knowledge You Can Trust

It takes a career to develop on-the-job knowledge. Even then, you might not discover what truly works best for your athletes.

Have a strong network for inspiration, ideas and feedback?  You still may not have access to elite coaches and researchers that guarantee your training methods are top-tier.

HIIT Course combines insights from over 20 scientists, researchers and coaches with decades of lab and real-world experience at the top of their fields.

What you learn is scientifically-backed and performance-proven at the highest levels.

Fast, Effective, Frustration-Free Learning

Sorting through dozens of abstracts to pull out practical insights involves a lot of time and frustration. On-the-job learning takes a career’s worth of trial and error experience. Traditional University courses can be expensive and inflexible, requiring you to be at a certain place, at a certain time.

HIIT Course saves you frustration, confusion and effort: Everything you need to understand and apply HIIT is in one easy to use, self-paced platform.

Whether you’re traveling with your team or waiting for the next training session to start, learn whenever and wherever is best for you.

Practical Knowledge in Less Time

Introducing the Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training Online Course

Exclusive Video Content

Over 24 hours of video lectures from 20+ experts, broken into easily digestible lessons.

Sport-Specific Modules

Tailor training to your particular needs with tools, tactics, and performance indicators recommended by elite-level experts in 20 different sports.

Online, Offline, Self-Paced

Access our easy to use online portal to watch or download video lectures. Learn anytime, anywhere, on your schedule.

Instructor Q&A

Get answers to your specific questions in lesson comments, through email, and regular Q&A webinars.

Earn CEUs

Earn Continuing Education Credits when you complete the course. Currently accredited by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and endorsed by BASES, with more in the pipeline.

Immediate, Lifetime Access

Access the lessons as soon as you enroll, refresh your knowledge as often as you need, and have lifetime access to all future updates.

After completing this HIIT course, you’ll know:

The origin, history and evolution of HIIT training.

The best practices that have emerged over decades of experimentation.

The biochemistry and anatomy behind HIIT as a powerful metabolic training tool.

The components of an HIIT workout and the variables to tailor training to a specific sport/athlete.

How to fine tune your HIIT workouts based on each athlete’s measured physiological response.

How to incorporate HIIT into a broader program – without losing performance and progress in another area.

The physiology of stress and how training and lifestyle factors affect an athlete’s overall health and wellbeing.

How to define and measure training load.

How to measure your athletes’ holistic stress response, and optimize programming.

Sport-specific mindsets and strategies to confidently implement HIIT with high-performance athletes and teams.

Peter Glas

S&C, Swedish National Handball

“[HIIT Science] has changed my way of individualizing training for my handball players. It’s truly a resource that all strength and conditioning coaches should use.”

David Joyce

Head of Athletic Performance, GWS Giants Football Club

“[HIIT Science] is written by world-class scientists and practitioners, and is an authoritative guide to both the evidence and the delivery of conditioning programs.”

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Created for Sports Scientists and Coaches,

By Sport Scientists and Coaches.

Whether you’re just starting your career or want to keep advancing, HIIT Course can help you build the skills and confidence to excel.

For Students

Finishing your degree and starting your job search?

HIIT Course not only teaches the fundamentals of HIIT but also the importance of context – in translating theoretical knowledge to practical application – giving you an edge in getting that job.

There are only so many athletes and teams out there, jobs are scarce. Our course can help you land your dream job and succeed right away.

  • Bridge the gap between theory, research, and practical application.
  • Launch your career with comprehensive knowledge of HIIT training from experts with decades of elite-level experience.
  • Start your job armed with HIIT tactics and programs that deliver meaningful, measurable results for athletes and teams – fast.

For Professionals

Looking to upskill your career in sports science or coaching?

Our course gives you HIIT tools and tactics you can adapt to your specific sport and training load contexts – so you can holistically improve athlete performance.

Help your athletes and teams perform at the top of their game, stand out among your peers, and make a meaningful contribution to the sports science field.

  • Learn to quantify athlete performance gains to make meaningful improvements fast.
  • Confidently demonstrate your expertise to athletes and colleagues.
  • Sport-specific modules to help you tailor training to your specific team/athlete needs.

Course Roadmap

Designed to help you learn efficiently, effectively, and confidently – whenever and wherever is best for you.

Get Started

When you sign up for HIIT Course, you’ll get instant access starting with Chapter 1 video lessons, comments, and a quiz – as well as all sport-specific modules you purchase.

Watch and interact through our straightforward online platform – or download the videos to learn during travel time!

Study When and Where Convenient

New chapters are introduced at a pace designed to keep you focused and engaged, but not overwhelmed.

Each week, you’ll get an email from the instructors summarizing what you’ve learned and explaining what’s next. You’ll also be able to comment, ask questions, get answers, and complete chapter quizzes.

Lesson videos are 10-20 minutes each; between watching those and completing the quiz you’ll only need about 2-3 hours a week to complete the coursework.

Complete the Course, Win More Battles

After you’ve watched all the videos and passed every quiz (unlimited tries), you’re ready to put your new skills to work.

You’ll be armed with:

  • an arsenal of HIIT weapons to immediately deploy for a competitive edge
  • a Certificate of Completion and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Continuing Education credit hours.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to all course content, feature updates and every Q&A webinar session.

Curriculum at a Glance

Everything you need to understand the science and application of HIIT.
Chapter 1: Genesis and Evolution of High-Intensity Interval Training

You’ll begin with the origin, history, and evolution of HIIT training, before covering the current science and best practices.

One of the primary aims of this course is to show you how HIIT can be used as a tool or “weapon” to solve your programming puzzles.

By manipulating these HIIT variables, you create an arsenal of weapons to target physiological responses.

But your athletes and sports create a unique context that you must incorporate into training strategies in order to deliver performance gains.

So you’ll understand the importance and benefits of adapting your training programs to your specific context – your athletes’ physiological profile, phase of training, and needs relative to the demands of their sport – so you can effectively implement HIIT at the right place and time.

Lessons Included:

  • Defining high-intensity interval training
  • The history of HIIT
  • Defining sport performance and appreciating a sport’s context
  • Key contextual considerations needed for programming HIIT
Chapter 2: Traditional HIIT Methods

You’ll understand many useful HIIT training methods that have been developed over the decades by leading coaches and practitioners.

No one approach is perfect, but each is particularly effective in the right context.

You’ll see the full range of HIIT weapons at your disposal so you can craft a high-performance arsenal based on your specific needs.

Lessons Included:

  • Rating of perceived exertion method
  • Maximal aerobic speed and power
  • Heart rate based prescription
  • Anaerobic speed / power reserve
  • 30-15 intermittent fitness test
  • All-out sprint training
  • Track and field approach
  • Game-based HIIT or small-sided games
Chapter 3: Physiological Targets of HIIT

You’ll understand the key physiological aspects affected by HIIT, including:

  • Aerobic oxidative metabolic response targets, including cardiac output, aerobic enzymes, mitochondrial function as well as respiratory work.
  • Anaerobic glycolytic metabolic response targets that may cause changes in lactate kinetics and glycogen depletion.
  • Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal strain targets seen through soreness, muscle function and muscle strength or power as well as changes in movement characteristics.

Lessons Included:

  • The 3 key physiological targets of HIIT
  • The aerobic oxidative target and time spent at VO2max
  • The aerobic oxidative target and the respiratory system
  • The aerobic oxidative target and the circulatory system
  • The aerobic oxidative target and tissue deoxygenation
  • Metabolic systems in skeletal muscle
  • Metabolic thresholds
  • Metabolic response signals for adaptation in skeletal muscle
  • The anaerobic glycolytic target and its assessment
  • The anaerobic glycolytic target and HIIT considerations
  • The neuromuscular system and its assessment
  • The neuromuscular system target and HIIT considerations
Chapter 4: Manipulating High-Intensity Interval Training

You’ll get an introduction into the 12 variables you can manipulate to hone your HIIT weapons (long and short intervals, repeated sprints, sprint intervals and game-based HIIT).

The 12 variables include work intensity/duration, recovery period intensity/duration, number of intervals, series duration, between series recovery intensity/duration, total work performed, exercise mode, ground surface, environmental conditions and nutritional status.

Lessons Included:

  • The 12 key HIIT manipulation variables
    • Work bout intensity
    • Duration of the work bout
    • Recovery period intensity
    • Recovery period duration
    • Number of intervals or series duration
    • Number of interval bout series
    • Between-series recovery duration
    • Between-series recovery intensity
    • Total work performed
    • Exercise mode and ground surface for run-based HIIT
    • Environmental condition (heat and altitude)
    • Nutritional status
  • The 5 key HIIT weapons and their target types
    • Long intervals
    • Short intervals
    • Repeated sprint training
    • Sprint interval training
    • Game-based HIIT
Chapter 5: Fine Tuning Your HIIT Weapons

After establishing your five primary weapons and understanding the 12 variables, you’ll learn how to tell if your honed HIIT weapon is working.

Depending on how you sharpen the weapons, HIIT manipulations allow you to form 5 different target types based on the degree of oxidative, glycolytic, and neuromuscular emphasis evoked.

Lessons Included:

  • Long intervals
    • Intensity for eliciting the oxidative response
    • Duration for eliciting the oxidative response
    • Recovery characteristics and the oxidative response
    • Glycolytic response characteristics
    • Neuromuscular response characteristics
  • Short intervals
    • Intensity for eliciting the oxidative response
    • Duration for eliciting the oxidative response
    • Recovery characteristics and the oxidative response
    • Glycolytic response characteristics
    • Neuromuscular response characteristics
  • Repeated sprint training
    • Oxidative response characteristics
    • Glycolytic response characteristics
    • Neuromuscular response characteristics
  • Sprint interval training
    • Oxidative response characteristics
    • Glycolytic response characteristics
    • Neuromuscular response characteristics
  • Game-based HIIT
    • Oxidative response characteristics
    • Glycolytic response characteristics
    • Neuromuscular response characteristics
Chapter 6: Incorporating HIIT Into a Concurrent Training Program

You’ll understand the concept of concurrent training, defined as “the simultaneous integration of both strength training and metabolic conditioning within a periodized training regime” – a clear challenge in the practitioner’s programming puzzle.

However, with an understanding of the five types of HIIT targets and responses, you can minimize the interference effects between strength and metabolic training adaptation.

Lessons Included:

  • General strength vs metabolic conditioning factors and the interference phenomenon
  • Considering neuromuscular fatigue to explain the interference phenomenon
  • Intensity, volume and mode characteristics of concurrent training
  • Appreciating neuromuscular fatigue
  • Individual and team sport programming puzzle examples
Chapter 7: HIIT and Its Influence on Stress, Fatigue and Athlete Health

HIIT training can represent one of the most potent forms of exercise-related stress. This is why you’ll need a holistic perspective for understanding stress before objectively quantifying stress and individual load response.

This holistic perspective covers not only stress related to HIIT but also the stress-impact of other factors such as diet – all of which impact an athlete’s physiology via the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

These factors serve to either attenuate or compound overall stress and subsequently improve or derail progress.

Lessons Included:

  • Health and fitness defined
  • The general adaptation continuum of stress tolerance
  • Hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis
  • Health assessment tools
  • Diet and nutrition
Chapter 8: Training Load

When it comes to HIIT-related stress, the primary variable is the theoretical concept of training load, defined as “the product of training intensity and training volume.”

Training load can be measured from either an external (e.g. power output or movement distance) or internal (e.g. heart rate) perspective. Understanding both is important, as together they help contextualize one another.

By measuring external and internal training loads, you can effectively quantify the “input stress” on the body – useful in both adapting your programming to avoid overtraining and understanding what has actually occurred in a session (prescribed versus actual training).

The knowledge and skills taught just in this chapter and the next are incredibly valuable to today’s high-performance sport organizations.

Lessons Included:

  • What is training load?
  • External training load
  • Internal training load
  • Power meters
  • Locomotor-based rates of movement
  • Heart rate, lactate and rating of perceived exertion
  • Training zones and TRIMP scores
Chapter 9: Response to Load

Training load response is highly specific to particular training programs and individual characteristics, so to determine training status you’ll learn to monitor 3 key families of markers:

  1. Internal metabolic, cardiopulmonary, and autonomic status as inferred by heart rate (HR).
  2. Neuromuscular status and locomotor efficiency using GPS and accelerometry.
  3. Overall health, fatigue, and mood (psychology) using wellness questionnaires.

In addition to defining and describing these parameters and measurement tools, you’ll know integrative assessment methods and simple statistical procedures to interpret your data.

The knowledge and skills taught just in this chapter and the previous are incredibly valuable to today’s high-performance sport organizations.

Lessons Included:

  • Assessing training status
  • Heart rate during exercise
  • Heart rate recovery
  • Heart rate variability
  • Neuromuscular response through locomotor activity
  • Optimizing the model
  • Wellness
  • Statistics are our weapons
Chapter 10: Putting It All Together

You’ll summarize all you’ve learned of the principles and practical applications of HIIT, and be prepared to deploy your new HIIT weapons. You’ll be ready to finalize your learning in the sport-specific module(s) you choose.

You’ll also get words of advice on the mindset you should adopt as you continue your journey through the world of high-performance sport.

Plus 20 Sport-Specific Modules to Choose From

For specific tools, tactics and performance indicators to tailor HIIT to your particular context.

American Football


Ice Hockey

Rugby Union

Australian Football

X-Country Skiing

Middle Distance

Soccer (Football)



Road Running



Field Hockey



Combat Sports


Rugby 7s


Deliver Performance-Proven Results

Or keep reading to learn more about why this course is unique…

Ok, but why take this course?

Focus on Practical Mastery

Theory is essential to building expertise – and we’ve all enjoyed those “mind blown” moments after reading the results of a cutting edge study.

But it is masterful application of theory that delivers measurable gains on the playing field, and not just in the lab.

With HIIT Course, we include theoretical knowledge to facilitate understanding, but most of the course covers its practical application to help you build true mastery.

Modern Approach to Learning

Traditional education works for some. But there’s a more effective way for those already busy with life, work, and university.

With HIIT Course there’s no overwhelming “firehose” of information or hours of brute-force memorization; chapters are paced to help you stay focused and moving forward.

Topics are woven together in a way that confirms you’ve built foundational knowledge, then refines it into actionable practices. This mimics how you’ll need to think when solving real-world programming challenges.

Chapters are delivered in a thoughtful weekly progression to help maximize attention and absorption.

Topics are introduced in a way that mimics how you will apply them.

Content encourages critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving.

Quizzes and action steps build confidence in your knowledge when it’s time for application.

CEU Accredited

Upon completing the course and getting your Certificate of Completion, you’ll earn the maximum allowable National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Continuing Education Credit hours for 2.0 CEUs.


BASES Endorsed

HIIT Science combines the latest research and decades of elite-level experience in one comprehensive, self-paced, cost-effective course. BASES Endorsed for 10 credits.

ESSA Accredited

This HIIT Science course is accredited to earn 15 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points for Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).


AFAA Approved

HIIT Science is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 15 AFAA


NASM Approved

HIIT Science is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing EducationProvider. 1.9 NASM CEUs.

About Your Instructors

We brought together the best of the best to create this course!

Our instructors and contributors include coaches and heads of performance for top teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, Rugby Union and Olympics, as well as trainers for elite athletes in sports like UFC, Road Running, Cycling and more.

Paul Laursen

Paul Laursen

Adjunct Professor / Coach / HIIT Science Lecturer

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT, Triathlon

Martin Buchheit

Martin Buchheit

Head of Performance, Paris Saint Germain

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT, Soccer, Handball, Middle-distance Running

Jackson Fyfe

Jackson Fyfe

Lecturer in Applied Sport Science, Deakin University

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT

Philip Maffetone

Philip Maffetone

Consultant, Writer, Independent Researcher, and Lecturer

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT

Anna Saw

Anna Saw

Research Coordinator, Cricket Australia

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT

Jamie Stanley

Jamie Stanley

South Australian Sports Institute & Australian Cycling Team | University of South Australia

Instructor – Road Running, Road Cycling

Daniel Plews

Daniel Plews

Coach, Researcher and Applied Sport Scientist

Instructor – Triathlon, Rowing

Duncan French

Duncan French

Vice President of Performance, UFC Performance Institute

Instructor – Combat Sports

Adam Douglas

Adam Douglas

Manager, Sports Performance for Hockey Canada High Performance

Instructor – Ice Hockey

Blake McLean

Blake McLean

Senior Performance Science Lead, Oklahoma City Thunder

Instructor – Basketball

Øyvind Sandbakk

Øyvind Sandbakk

Norwegian University of Science and Technology | Norwegian Olympic Sports Center

Instructor – Cross-Country Skiing

Carl Petersen

Carl Petersen

Senior Lecturer / Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Canterbury

Instructor – Cricket

Nicholas Gill

Nicholas Gill

Strength & Conditioning Coach - All Blacks New Zealand Rugby | University of Waikato

Instructor – Rugby Union

Martyn Beaven

Martyn Beaven

Senior Research Fellow, University of Waikato

Instructor – Rugby Union

Hugh Fullagar

Hugh Fullagar

Lecturer in the Sport and Exercise Science, University of Technology's Faculty of Health

Instructor – American Football

Ted Polglaze

Ted Polglaze

Research Assistant, University of Western Australia

Instructor – Field Hockey

Tom Vandenbogaerde

Tom Vandenbogaerde

Senior Physiologist at Swimming Australia

Instructor – Swimming

Julien Robineau

Julien Robineau

French Rugby 7s National Team, French Rugby Union Federation

Instructor – Rugby 7s

Nick Poulos

Nick Poulos

Physical Performance Manager, GWS Giants Football Club

Instructor – Rugby 7s

Aaron Coutts

Aaron Coutts

Human Performance Research Centre | University of Technology Sydney

Instructor – Australian Football

Ana Holt

Ana Holt

Lead Sport Scientist Rowing, Victorian Institute of Sport

Instructor – Rowing

45-Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Access

When you enroll in HIIT Course, you’ll get immediate access to the first chapter’s content.

You’ll also get lifetime access to all course content and updates as well as exclusive offers on other HIIT Science products.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why take this course instead of another one?

We’ve built our course to be the best resource available for those who want practical insight on how to implement HIIT in their training programs.

Because of this, HIIT Course to stands out in a number of ways:

  • It covers both cutting-edge as well as time-tested science.
  • Our content incorporates the combined expertise of over 20 sport scientists, coaches and trainers with decades of elite-level, real-world experience.
  • You’ll learn how to create customized programs based on your unique athletes, team, and sport – not just non-specific one-size-fits all guidance.
  • We show you how to understand the full training and lifestyle context of your athletes so you can adjust your programs to avoid overtraining and reduce injury potential.
  • HIIT helps your athletes get better results in less time by maximizing gains while minimizing training and recovery time – so they’ll have more time to spend on skill development, addressing specific weaknesses, or well-earned rest.
  • You’ll learn the skills to make measurable, meaningful improvements in power, speed, and endurance. Most training modalities require sacrificing one for the other – HIIT allows you to train these simultaneously while increasing performance at all ends of the spectrum.
  • Chapters are delivered in a thoughtful weekly progression to help maximize attention and absorption.
  • Topics are introduced in a way that mimics how you will apply them.
  • Our content is structured to encourage critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving.
  • Quizzes and action steps help you build confidence in your knowledge when it’s time for application.
Who is this HIIT Course for?

Whether you’re a student just starting your job search or a seasoned professional looking to add HIIT to your training arsenal, we’ve included everything you need to understand the science behind and practical application of HIIT.

Are there any prerequisites for the course?

While there aren’t any specific prerequisites for this course, we do use a lot of sport-science related technical language.

How is course content accessed/delivered?

All course material is available through our easy-to-use online platform.

Chapters are dripped to you on a weekly basis to help you stay focused (you’ll get instant access to any sport-specific modules you purchase).

Each includes video lectures, lesson comments to ask/answer questions and interact with your instructors and fellow students, as well as knowledge check quizzes.

You’ll also get weekly email updates from the instructors that summarize what you’ve learned so far and what’s coming next. These are also an opportunity for you to reach out to the instructors directly to get answers to your specific questions.

And you’ll be able to attend our quarterly live Q&A webinars to talk directly with the instructors (“quarterly” might not seem very often, but we find it’s the perfect amount of time to let you and other students digest/apply the course material to come armed with meaningful, practical questions that make a real difference in your training).

What is the weekly time commitment?

The course is dripped out to you, a chapter at a time over 12 weeks (not including any sport-specific modules you purchase).

Videos average 10-20 minutes each depending on the topic.

To watch all the videos in each chapter and pass the quiz we expect you’ll need about 2-3 hours a week to complete the course.

Will I get any support or individual attention?

Of course! We offer 3 different opportunities for you to get support for your individual questions/needs:

  • Lesson comments where you can get answers and insights from the instructors and fellow students.
  • Email access to the instructors.
  • Live Quarterly Q&A Webinars with the instructors.

And if you have any technical issues accessing the course content, you can always email us at – we’ll get you back to learning in no time.

How long will I have access to the content?

When you enroll in HIIT Course, you’ll get instant, lifetime access to all course content so you can take the course at your own pace and come back as often as you need to refresh your knowledge.

And if you can’t make our live Q&A webinars, we’ll add replays to the course platform so you can watch them when convenient.

What happens if the content is updated?

You’ll get lifetime access to HIIT course when you enroll.

This includes any updates to the content or features (we’re adding a community forum soon and working on additional accreditations!), as well as exclusive offers on other products and services available only to HIIT Course students.

And, if you if you choose the “All Sport-Specific Modules” option, you’ll get access to any new sports we add in the future!

I’m interested in one of the “Coming Soon” sport-specific modules, can I choose that as my 1 sport option?

Yes! Just select the sport you want during checkout and we’ll make sure you get access to it when it’s ready.

And if you choose “All Sports” you’ll get any and every new sport-specific module we ever add (feel free to let us know if there’s a particular sport you’re looking for!).

Will I receive Continuing Education Credits for this course?

YES! Upon completing the course and getting your Certificate of Completion, you’ll also earn National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Continuing Education credit hours (we’re working on getting additional accreditations as well).

“Completing the course” means you’ve watched all the videos and have scored at least an 80% on all quizzes (don’t sweat this too much – you can retake them as many times as you need to pass!).

What if I sign up and decide the course is not right for me?

No worries, we get it – while we built HIIT Course to be the best way to get proven, practical knowledge on HIIT training, we know we’re not the right fit for everyone.

If you’re not 100% satisfied in your investment in the course, we’ll refund 100% of what you’ve paid if you make a request within 45 days of enrollment.

No questions asked.

I am a University professor or School lecturer. Can I use this material in my program?

Absolutely! In addition to the online course, we’ve created a University-focused text book and supplemental material for educational professionals like you.

Please contact us at for more information.

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