Wim Derave

Wim Derave

Professor, Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, Ghent University


Since 2005, Wim has lead his own laboratory at Ghent University, which leads the research regarding beta-alanine supplementation and the role of carnosine in skeletal muscle, both with respect to sport, training and chronic metabolic diseases. In 2017, he took a sabbatical leave (6 months) to the Gold Coast (Australia) in order to work with swimming physiologist Tom Vandenbogaerde and Clare Minahan at Griffith University.


Post-doc work in Prof. Peter Hespel’s lab at the K.U.Leuven (Belgium) on the physiological role and the nutritional manipulation of the creatine system in skeletal muscle

PhD on the effects of exercise on muscle insulin action and glycogen metabolism, in collaboration with Prof. JL Pannier and Prof. Erik Richter from the prestigious Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre in Denmark

Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Movement Sciences at Ghent University


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