Dr. Ted Polglaze

Dr. Ted Polglaze

Research Assistant, Exercise and Sport Science, School of Human Sciences, University of Western Australia


Working with team sports is my passion and my profession. With 25 years experience working with elite athletes, I understand that they will work very hard to achieve their lofty goals. I believe my role as a Sports Scientist is to ensure their hard work is directed in the best possible manner, so that they get maximal return for their efforts. Providing them with the capacity to work hard, via HIIT, means that they can use “fitness as a weapon” in trying to overcome their opponents and win the contest, the match, and the big tournaments.


Sports Science Coordinator, Australian Men’s Hockey team, 2007-2014 (2 x World Cup champions, 2 x Olympic medalists, 5 x Champions Trophy winners)

Sports Science Coordinator, Australian Women’s Water Polo team, 2005-2012 (1 x World Cup Winners, 2 x Olympic medalists)

Sports Science Coordinator, Australian Men’s Lacrosse team, 2012-2014

Senior Sports Physiologist, Australian Institute of Sport, 2009-2013

Sports Physiologist, WA, Tas & NSW Institutes of Sport, 1989-2009


PhD – UWA 2018 – Quantification and Classification of Intensity in Team Sport Activity


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