Dr Philippe Hellard Phd

Dr Philippe Hellard Phd

Dr Philippe Hellard is the Director of Research of the French Swimming Federation | Civil Servant of Sports | Assistant to the Technical Director of the French Swimming Federation

Dr Hellard is a researcher associated with the Resource and Expertise center of performance (Bordeaux) and a researcher associated with the (CETAPS-EA ), Centre d’Etudes des Transformations des Activités Physiques et Sportives, an academic research unit that analyses, on a multidisciplinary basis, changes related to physical and sporting activities. Philippe has published 30 research articles and over 100 congress communications that focus on the periodization, modelling, energetics, mechanics of swimming.
1992-1995: National swimming coach

1998: Head of Research department French Swimming Federation

2000-2012: In charge of the scientific support of the French Swimming Team

2000-2012: Worked closely with swim coaches who have produced multiple Olympic and/or World Championships Medals

2003: PhD, Université de Bordeaux 2; Discipline: STPAS

1990: First year of doctoral studies, STPAS “Evaluation and improvement of motor performance”, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon

1989: MS STPAS; Université de Bourgogne, Dijon


Other diplomas: 

Professor of Sports. Paris, 1991

Professor of High-level Sports, 2011

Assistant Professor


Continuing education at the National School of Administration (ENA), 2012, 2013

Authority to Supervise Research, 2018


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