Dr Martyn Beaven

Dr Martyn Beaven

Senior Research Fellow, University of Waikato


My career has focused on understanding how individuals respond to various exercise stimuli and striving to maximize functional adaptation and recovery. I have been privileged to be involved with a wide range of elite sports teams as well as talented and dedicated sports scientists with a breadth of experience across physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, injury prevention, and biomechanics. HIIT weapons have formed an integral part of the training puzzle. My career highlight remains the time I spent working with paralympians during my time in Malaysia and to contribute in some small way to their world-beating achievements at the Rio Olympics.


Bachelor of Science & Technology (Chemistry)

PhD with New Zealand Rugby Union in exercise physiology & recovery

Post-doc at the Swedish National Wintersport Centre

Former Strength & Conditioning for Östersund Ice Hockey Club

Former Lead exercise physiologist at Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab

Former Head of Strength & Conditioning, Malaysian National Sports Institute


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