Dr Jackson Fyfe

Dr Jackson Fyfe

Lecturer in Applied Sport Science, Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia)


I am a Lecturer in Applied Sport Science at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, with expertise spanning the areas of exercise programming, exercise physiology, and muscle biology. Prior to committing to an academic pathway, I held various strength and conditioning roles with state-level organisations and clubs.

My primary research interests centre around optimising training for improved strength and muscle mass, and in situations where these adaptations may be compromised (e.g., with concurrent training). I am particularly interested in practical strategies to best incorporate HIIT into concurrent training programs. I also have a keen interest in the underlying mechanisms that explain changes in strength and muscle mass, and the relationship of these adaptations to performance.


Lecturer in Applied Sport Science – Deakin University (2017 – present)

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science – Victoria University (2016 – 2017)

Strength & Conditioning coach/trainee – Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) (2009-2012)

Strength coach – Northern Knights Football Club (2009-2011)

Strength & Conditioning coach – Rowing Victoria (2010)


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