Carlos Alberto Cavalheiro MSc

Carlos Alberto Cavalheiro MSc

Professor and Athletics coach at Air Force Brazilian University | Senior Performance Analyst and Athletics manager at Brazilian Olympic Laboratory | Athletics manager and coach at Brazilian Athletic Federation | Lecturer IAAF Level V Chief Coach at Athletics Academy

Athletics coach and manager of different countries since 1979 – Brazil, USA, Qatar, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador
Teacher at High School and University since 1978 – sprints, hurdles, relays, middle and long distance coach

Athletics Coach at 7 Olympic Games & 24 World Championships

As a coach: 2 World Records, 2 Olympic Medals and 12 World Championships Medals (different categories and events)

Work History:

Formerly Track and Field coach at differents clubs (Brazil) – Flamengo, Fluminense, Vasco da Gama, Eletropaulo, Funilense, Sogipa, Nacional, Renascença, Correr Bem

Formerly Aspire Senior Coach Middle and Long Distance (Qatar)

Formerly Correcaminos Senior Coach Long Distance Coach (Colombia)

Formerly Ecuador Olympic Team Senior Long Distance Coach (Ecuador)

Formerly Uruguay Olympic Team Senior Long Disatnce Coach (Uruguay)

Formerly Brazil Olympic Team Sprints and Relay Coach (Brazil)

Formerly Manaus Sports Center Director (Brazil)

Master Degree Biomechanics

  • Graduation on Physical Education, Pedagogy, Business Administration and Economics
  • Specialization Athletics Sprints, Hurdles Middle and Long Distance
  • IAAF Lecturer Level V Chief coach

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