Who We Are

We are leaders in high-intensity interval training education. We come from a variety of sport and academic backgrounds but we all have one thing in common – the desire to maximize human performance and share knowledge.

Our courses, book, and Athletica aim to assist coaches, scientists and performance specialists with practically applying and harnessing the power of HIIT in their programming.

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By teaching coaches how to critically think through research and apply it to their own unique contexts, we provide practical solutions to everyday programming puzzles.

By adopting a “no bull-shit” approach to research, HIIT Science ensures that the science presented is relevant, understandable and useful for coaches.

A Collaborative Community

How We Got Here

The founders of HIIT Science, Paul Laursen and Martin Buchheit—both well-known, expert-level high-intensity interval training researchers, practitioners and coaches—do a masterful job of blending science-based concepts of HIIT with practical application strategies. The HIIT Science team bring hundreds of years of combined science and application experience across all sports—offering coaches and practitioners a complete understanding of the foundational principles of applying HIIT in their sporting context.

Over 20 sport scientists and experts from elite sport and performance organizations have come together to deliver decades of research and real-world experience using HIIT to you – in some of the best online courses, a textbook, and online community.

As self proclaimed “failed athletes”, founders Paul Laursen and Martin Buchheit, recognized that they weren’t the most gifted athletes but may have been able to out train the competition with proper coaching. This sparked a lifelong search for knowledge in exercise science and human performance. As researchers and professors in exercise science, both Paul and Martin are committed to lifelong learning and sharing their knowledge with others.

Their desire to share knowledge, resulted in a co-authored book – The Science & Application of
High-Intensity Interval Training. Soon after, it became clear that a HIIT Science course
was needed to make the information more accessible and to truly teach people how to apply the principles directly to the athlete training process.

HIIT Science is now a collaborative community of experts across the globe focusing on bridging the gap between science and practice, teaching coaches how to train their athletes smarter based on a full understanding of how the human body systems can be melded to maximize performance.

Meet Our World-Class Team

Martin Buchheit

Head Of Performance Research, Kitman Labs

Head of Performance, Lille OSC

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT, Soccer, Handball, Middle-distance Running

Paul Laursen

Adjunct Professor


HIIT Science Lecturer

Instructor – Science & Application of HIIT, Triathlon

Duncan French

Instructor – Combat Sport

Jamie Stanley

Instructor – Response to the Load, Road Running, Road Cycling

Blake McLean

Instructor – Basketball

Joseph Coyne

Instructor – Training for Speed

Adam Douglas

Instructor – Ice Hockey

Øyvind Sandbakk

Instructor – Cross Country Skiing

Daniel Plews

Instructor – Triathlon

Jackson Fyfe

Instructor – Concurrent Training

Philip Maffetone

Instructor – Athlete Health

Tom VandenBogaerde

Instructor – Swimming

Hugh Fullagar

Instructor – American Football

Julien Robineau

Instructor – Rugby Sevens

Nick Poulos

Instructor – Rugby Sevens

Cédric Leduc

HIIT Science Manager

Lorena Torres-Ronda

Author – Basketball

Robert Butler

Instructor – Baseball

Tom Kempton

Instructor – Australian Football

Johann Bilsborough

Author – American Football

Matt Nichol

Author – Ice Hockey

Nicholas Gill

Instructor – Rugby Union

Moses Cabrera

Author – American Football

Xavi Schelling

Author – Basketball

Aaron Coutts

Author – Australian Football

Martyn Beaven

Instructor – Rugby Union

Carl Petersen

Instructor – Cricket

Anna Saw

Instructor – Response to the Load

Jean Claude Vollmer

Author – History of HIIT

Mathieu Lacome

Author – Football (Soccer) + Response to the Load

Ben Simpson

Author – Football (Soccer) + Response to the Load

Hani Al Haddad

Author – Response to the Load

Dave Hamilton

Author – Field Hockey

Joel Hocking

Author – Australian Football

Matt Leonard

Author – Baseball

Aaron Kellet

Author – Cricket

Nate Brookreson

Instructor – Baseball

Katie McGibbon

Instructor – Swimming

Carlos Alberto Cavalheiro

Author – Road Running

Peter Weyand

Instructor – Anaerobic Speed/Power Reserve

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